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National Library celebrates Book Day

The National Library in collaboration with the municipality of Beau Bassin/Rose Hill, is organising a book exhibition on June 5 at the municipality.

Two other exhibitions will be held at the Port Louis Caudan Waterfront and in Rodrigues on June 26 and July 31 respectively.

To mark 15th World Book Day, the National Library also held a debate on the theme Rapprochement des Cultures (interrelation of cultures) at its headquarters in Port Louis.

Participants included Mrs Nandini D. Bhautoo-Dewnarain, lecturer at the University of Mauritius, author Chit Dukhira, and Mr Gaetan Jaquette.

Mr Robert Furlong, who was moderator, claimed that the media does not give enough importance to cross-cultural understanding and tends to favour coverage of cultural division. Books are works of art and sciences, and vehicles for ideas, he said.

“They magnificently materialise creative diversity, generate universal knowledge and contribute to intercultural dialogue. They are instruments for peace.”

Decision-makers, publishers and educators will need to consider effective ways of promoting books as a tool of knowledge, said Mr Furlong.

Nandinee Bhautoo-Denarain talked about globalisation. People are now more conscious of different types of cultural expression as well as the fusion of cultures, she said.

Mr Dukhira spoke mostly about pluralism in Mauritius. He said that the Creole language has been a common language “for all of us”.

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